Water Heater Repair

In-Home Service. All Water Heater Brands. Factory Certified Techs.

Water Heater
Not Working?

Whether you take your shower before bed or in the morning, chance are you’re going to want to take it hot. And few things are less annoying than turning on the hot water only to get nothing but cold water. A non-working water heater negatively affects multiple areas of your home life. It makes washing dishes, your clothes, and yourself, difficult. If your water heater is down, then you need quality and efficient in-home water heater repair service.

Water Heater Repair
Without The Hassle

When you’re in need of water heater repair, you want to know it will be fixed as soon as possible. Several factors depend on how fast you’ll be able to get your water heater repaired. What is the severity of the water heater repair? Is it still under warranty? What brand is it? The good news is we can service all brands of water heaters and we can handle any type of water heater repair.

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When Do You Need
Water Heater Repair Service?

Water Heater Makes
Popping Sounds

A popping sound is usually a result of a sediment build-up within the tank.

Water Heater Makes
Rumbling Sounds

There’s a good chance that sediment has reached a critical level.

Water Heater Makes
Sizzling Sounds

Likely your water heater has restricted water flow or a condensation issue.

Water Heater Makes
Ticking Sounds

Inlet and outlet nipples with heat traps are often the source of ticking sounds.

Water Heater Makes
Humming Sounds

Electric heater or faulty heating elements are often times the culprit.

Water Heater Makes
Knocking Sounds

Water can sometimes flow back to the water heater and can be destructive.