Washer Repair

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Is Your Washer
No Longer Working?

Your washing machine goes unnoticed, making your life cleaner, until it goes down.  But if your washer stops working, you have to start working, and you don’t have time for that. That’s not what you signed up for. A laundromat or washing board and a bathtub can work, but is that ideal? You need quality and efficient washer repair.

Your Washer
Repair Professionals

The first thing you might wonder if you’re in need of washer repair is “how long will it be until it’s fixed?” Good question. Several factors depend on the answer. What is the severity of the issue? Is it still under warranty? What brand is it? The good news is we can service all brands of washers even if they’re still under warranty and handle any degree of repair. Don’t let your dirty clothes pile up. Schedule washer repair service today.

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When Do You Need
Washer Repair Service?

Washer Won’t
Turn On

This could be a power, motor, lid switch, or timer knob issue.

Isn't Draining

These problems range from a clogged drain to needing a replacement pump.

Washer Won’t
Spin Or Agitate

Washer could be stuck on the wrong cycle, or have a bad belt or motor.

Washer Is

This could be from a faulty hose, seal, water-inlet valve or pump.

Washer Doesn't
Dispense Soap

This is commonly caused by using the wrong detergent or a dirty dispenser.

Washer Is

Surface is not level, feet are improperly positioned or load is unbalanced.

Washer Is
Too Noisy

Strange sounds indicate your washer needs attention. Reasons vary widely.

Washer Won't
Finish Cycle

May be a defective timer. A tech can check for corrosion and scorching.

Washer Is

Surface is not level, feet are improperly positioned or load is unbalanced.