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Speed Queen Spring Savings

$200 Rebate on Select Laundry Pairs


How it Works

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your laundry room with Speed Queen. For a limited time, select Speed Queen laundry pairs are eligible for a generous $200 rebate, so you can get the high-quality laundry appliances you need at an even better price.

Speed Queen has been trusted by generations of families for its exceptional performance and durability. Their laundry pairs are designed to withstand heavy use, making them perfect for busy households or anyone who wants to get their laundry done quickly and efficiently. 

Step 1:
Select a Washer

Get a $200 rebate when you add the Speed Queen TR7003WN washer to your cart, along with a matching dryer.

The TR7003WN is a top-loading washer that boasts a durable stainless steel tub and a robust suspension system to ensure a thorough and gentle clean for all your laundry needs. With a capacity of 3.2 cubic feet, it’s perfect for small to medium-sized loads, and its 8 pre-programmed cycles provide a variety of options to cater to your laundry preferences.

Step 2:
Select a Dryer

Looking for a matching dryer to complete your laundry set? You’re in luck! Add the Speed Queen DR7004WE or DR7004WG dryer to your cart, along with the TR7003WN washer, and you’ll qualify for a $200 rebate.

Choose the DR7004WG

Choose the DR7004WE