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Ice Maker Water Line Stainless 7’ Hose

Ice Maker Water Line Stainless 7’ Hose



This ice maker water line hose is used in the installation of your new refrigerator or ice maker.

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This is an ice maker water line hose made of stainless steel and 7 feet in length. It is used to connect an ice maker to a water supply to provide a steady flow of water for ice production. The stainless steel construction of the hose ensures that it is durable and resistant to corrosion, and it can withstand the pressure of the water flowing through it and the temperature changes that may occur. The 7-foot hose provides enough length to reach the nearest water supply without stretching or bending the hose. This hose is suitable for an ice maker that requires a 7-foot water line hose and is located near a water supply.

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