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Like many home appliances, washing machines make our lives and day-to-day tasks more manageable and cleaner. We often forget how handy our washing machines are until it suddenly stops operating correctly. Instead of hauling all of your laundry to a laundromat, call the washer repair Overland Park experts for fast service.

Your Washer
Repair Experts

When your washer calls it quits, you’ll want to call a professional as soon as possible. Your laundry will build up quickly while your washer is out of order. Call the washer repair Overland Park experts at The Appliance Care Company. Our technicians will repair your washer and restore your laundry routine in no time!

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What's Wrong with Your Washer?

Washer Won't
Turn On

If your washer doesn’t turn on, it could be due to a faulty motor, lid switch, or timer knob issue.

Isn't Draining

A washer that isn’t draining can be caused by a variety of issues, including a clogged drain or faulty part.

Washer Won't Spin
or Agitate

If your washer doesn’t spin or agitate, it could be stuck on the wrong cycle or have a bad belt or motor.

Washer Is

If your washer leaks, it may be caused by a faulty hose, bad seal, or damaged water-inlet valve or pump.

Washer Doesn't
Dispense Soap

If your washer isn’t dispensing soap, it may be caused by a dirty dispenser that has become clogged.

Washer Is

A washer that is shaking is often a washer that is not balanced. Ensure that the surface is level and the washer feet are positioned correctly.

Washer Repair FAQs

A common question we hear is, “Should I repair or replace my washing machine?”

Several factors come into play when considering this decision, including the age of your washer, the brand, and type of washing machine you have, and the cost to repair your washer versus the price of buying a new one.

If you’re still unsure about washer repair vs. replacement, give the pros at The Appliance Care Company a call. Our team can help. We also carry a variety of new, scratch-and-dent, and used washers.

If your washer is not working correctly, you can take some troubleshooting steps before you decide to call a professional.

First, ensure the washing machine is connected to a functioning power source. Ensure that the breaker or fuse it connects to is not tripped or blown. Double-check the washing cycle settings: If a child lock or incorrect option is selected, the washer will not start.

Next, check the entire washer for clogs. Coins, lint, and other debris can build up and can become lodged in the pump, hose, or coin trap.

If your washer continues to have problems, call the washer repair Overland Park experts at The Appliance Care Company!

The life and longevity of a washer will depend significantly on how well it is maintained and cared for. Some higher quality or heavy-duty washers may last longer than others.

Generally speaking, the average household washer will last around 8-10 years.

A wide variety of issues can arise in a washing machine. Some of the most common washer repairs include:

  • Washer won’t spin
  • Washer is loud
  • Washer won’t agitate
  • Washer won’t drain
  • Washer vibrates or shakes
  • Washer not filling with water
  • Washer leaks

…and more. Does your washing machine need repair? Call the washer repair Overland Park professionals at The Appliance Care Company!

Like many major home appliances, washers are complex appliances. Often, attempting a DIY washer repair that is perceived as minor or easy may further damage your washing machine. We do not recommend DIY washer repairs. If your washer needs repair, call the washer repair Overland Park experts at The Appliance Care Company.