Microwave Repair

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Has Your Microwave
Stopped Working?

You know you love your microwave. Heating up a cup of tea before bed is as easy as popping it in the microwave. Warming that morning coffee up a bit? Microwave it. Didn’t set meat out in time to defrost for dinner? You know what to do. You probably use your microwave more than you think. But when you’re busy you just don’t have time for stove top cooking. If your microwave goes out you need quality and efficient in-home microwave repair service from The Appliance Care Company.

Your Microwave
Repair Experts

Nothing is worse than a kitchen appliance that doesn’t work. Several factors depend on how fast you’ll be able to get back to heating your foods in your microwave. What is the severity of the microwave repair? Is it still under warranty? What brand is it? The good news is we can service all brands of microwaves, even if they’re still under warranty. We can also handle any type of microwave repair, so contact us today.

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When Do You Need
Microwave Repair Service?

Not Heating

This could be a malfunctioning diode or magnetron switch.

Microwave Is
Loud or Noisy

Could be a problem with the turn table, the magnetron tube or stirrer mother.

Touchpad Buttons
Don't Work

Likely due to the touch-pad being defective or it has been damaged.

Microwave Plate
Won't Turn

Could be a broken drive motor, coupler or damaged roller guide.

Light Never
Goes Out

Defective door switches will prevent the microwave from working properly.

Turns On
By Itself

Could be stuck or defective switches or issues with the heat sensor panel.