Ice Maker Repair

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Ice Maker Not
Making Ice?

Ice is essential to turning your drink into a cool refreshing one. Heading to a picnic? Throw some ice in your cooler to keep your food cool. Twisted an ankle? Put ice on it to bring down the swelling. Ice is useful for many different things, but you just don’t realize how much until your ice maker goes down. If your ice maker stops working, that’s when it’s time to call a professional ice maker repair service.

Your Ice Maker
Repair Solution

Stuck using ice trays from the stone age? They take up space in your freezer and require you to remember to fill them. You can forget the ice trays and still have ice simply by calling in an ice maker repair ticket as soon as possible. Several factors depend on how fast you’ll be able to have your ice maker back up and running. What is the severity of the repair? Is it still under warranty? What brand is it? The good news is we can service all brands of ice makers and we can handle any type of ice maker repair.

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When Do You Need
Ice Maker Repair Service?

Ice Maker Not
Making Ice

The control arm is out of position or there’s a clog in the supply line.

Water Leaking
From Ice Maker

The water inlet switch, inlet valve or supply line could be damaged.

Ice Will
Not Eject

Could be a faulty ejector gear, ejector motor, holding switch or thermostat.

Ice Maker
Is Frozen Up

A low temp setting, faulty water inlet valve, or old filter may the cause.

Ice Tastes

Old water filters or issues with the inlet valve and supply line are likely.

Ice Output
Is Too Low

Your supply line may be starting to freeze up so check for a frozen line.