Freezer Repair

In-Home Service. All Freezer Brands. Factory Certified Techs.

Has Your Freezer
Stopped Working?

When the freezer stops freezing the ice cream starts melting.  Then the tears come. Ok, maybe not, but it’s not fun losing your stored frozen foods, especially when you have a large stand alone freezer stocked with several months’ worth of food.  If you’re a business with a large walk-in freezer the stakes are even higher. When the clock starts ticking and the food starts thawing you need a quality and efficient freezer repair service. Often times same day service will save you from thousands of lost dollars in food loss.

Save Your Food
With Freezer Repair

There’s no reason to lose all your frozen food if your freezer stops working. When your freezer is down every second counts, so give us a call now! Several factors depend on how fast you’ll be able to get your freezer running again. What is the severity of the repair? Is it still under warranty? What brand is it? The good news is we can service all brands of freezers even if they’re still under warranty. We can also handle any type of freezer repair, often times with same day emergency service.

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When Do You Need
Freezer Repair Service?

Freezer Won't
Power On

This could be that the compressor or thermostat are out or going out.

Power Is On
But Not Freezing

This could be a faulty thermostat, condenser or evaporator coils.

Frost Buildup

Likely a problem with the self-defrost system or damaged door gaskets.