Dryer Repair

In-Home Service. All Dryer Brands. Factory Certified Techs.

A Working Dryer
Saves Time

You know you can dry your clothes by hanging them, but who has the time or the space? Drying machines are one of the modern conveniences that are taken for granted until they stop working. If your dryer stops working properly, it can put a serious kink in your laundry routine. It’s time you called us for quality and efficient dryer repair.

Get More Life
From Your Dryer

You don’t have to be stuck hanging your clothes out to dry. Wait. Do you even have a clothes line to hang clothes on? Even if you do, isn’t it worth it to call us and see if we can get your dryer working again? We can give you an idea of how long it will take once we determine things as, what is the severity of the issue? Is it still under warranty? What brand is it? Lucky for you we can service all brands of dryers even if they’re still under warranty. We can handle any degree of dryer repair so contact us today!

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When Do You Need
Dryer Repair Service?

Dryer Won’t
Turn On

A terminal block, thermostat, start switch, or thermal fuse can cause this.

Dryer Is

Glides, blower wheels, drum support roller, and belt are all possible culprits.  

Dryer Doesn't

Lack of tumbling could be due to a defective belt or a seized motor.

Dryer Doesn't
Heat Up

Could be a faulty thermal fuse, heating element, thermostat, or temp switch.

Takes Forever
To Dry

Lint buildup is the most common reason clothes take too long to dry.

Dryer Gets
Too Hot

Could be defective thermostats, heating elements, or clogged vents.