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Why Have Your Oven Fixed Professionally?

Modern ovens beat your great grandmother’s wood burning oven hands down. No wood chopping and hauling required. Your meals come out perfectly cooked from today’s precisely engineered ovens. Until it goes on the fritz. New medium-quality ovens cost about $2,500. That’s the number one reason why you should have your oven fixed professionally!

Your oven might be working below standard. Something as simple as worn seals causes 20% or more heat loss. Resulting in your home cooked meals being less than excellent. Also, heat loss leads to higher energy bills.

Other issues are bad heating elements and broken temperature sensors. Gas oven ignitors stop working. A bad switch stops you from choosing between oven and broiler. Or a faulty calibration causes your oven to run too hot or too cool.  

  Better Meals When You Have Your Oven Fixed

Quality food is important for your family. The sad truth is that when your oven isn’t working, you’ll be hitting the fast food joints way too often. Burgers and gas station burritos are bad for your wallet and health. Both very good reasons to have your oven fixed. 

Perhaps you think you can go without a broiler. Maybe you’ve resorted to roasting or baking everything. But broiling creates all kinds of wonderful foods. By using a broiler pan, much of the fat melts away rather than the meat marinating in it. Broilers also caramelize glazes and sear in the flavor of a good steak. Don’t you just love a crispy broiled chicken breast? Some of your best and healthiest food is broiled. Don’t go without your broiler!

There’s another big benefit when you have your oven fixed by a professional. During a visit, the service tech gets to know your oven model. They can give you tips to keep your oven working at peak performance. Some appliance maintenance also keeps your home cooked meals turning out perfect every time. No need spending big bucks on a new oven!

Your Safety – Today and Tomorrow

Modern oven features are great but can be complicated. Features include self-cleaning safety locks, programmable timers, cool down periods, and more. Many have multiple stovetop displays. 

Those features are all nice to have but also possible safety concerns. One electric circuit often controls several features. Electrical shocks during repairs are a dreaded possibility for a novice. When an oven won’t turn off, unplugging it each time is a big concern for the cook. Hopefully you can start to see how important it is to have your oven fixed by a professional.

Safety always comes first. For electric ovens, shocks are a real possibility. For gas ovens, gas leaks are a serious concern.

Incorrect repairs lead to electrical shocks happening during repairs or later while cooking. You never want gas leaks at any time. Your family’s safety is an important reason to have your oven fixed professionally. You’ll find comfort knowing oven repairs are safe, correct, and long lasting when you call a local appliance repair company.

Professional Purchasing Tip

At some point, you’ll decide to invest in a new oven. Repeated tests show combining a gas cooktop with an electric oven is your best choice. Professional cooks prefer gas cooktops for fast and uniform heat. However, tests show that electric ovens provide better baking results (professionals agree). You might not need this level of perfection but it’s still good to know.

Peace of mind is why you have your oven fixed professionally. If your oven needs repaired, call us or schedule a repair today. We receive factory training twice a year and are the only company that has 2 certified master appliance technicians in the entire Kansas City area. Whatever problem you’re having with your appliances, we guarantee to get the job done right, quickly, and ensure the repair will last.

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