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Speed Queen Washer Not Spinning

Why Is My Speed Queen Washer Not Spinning Properly?

Is your Speed Queen washer not spinning, leaving your clothes sopping wet? There’s nothing more frustrating than your dryer taking forever to dry your clothes because your washer didn’t do its job. But before you panic, there are several DIY fixes you can attempt.

Our Top Tips to Fix a Speed Queen Washer Not Spinning

From unbalanced loads to worn-out drive belts, we’ll walk you through potential culprits and their solutions. Get ready to transform your bad laundry day into a breeze with our Speed Queen washer troubleshooting tips to fix a Speed Queen washer not spinning.

Control Lock Engaged

Have you ever noticed that little padlock symbol on your washing machine’s control panel? That’s the control lock, a safety feature that prevents any changes from being made to a wash cycle once it’s started. If this lock gets accidentally activated, your Speed Queen washer might not spin.

How to Fix it: The control lock is turned on and off by pressing and holding the Signal keypad for three seconds. When it’s active, the Control Lock status light will be lit and you won’t be able to press any other keypads.

To disable the lock and restore the washer’s functions, press and hold the Signal keypad again until the Control Lock light goes out. If the control lock keeps turning on by itself or won’t deactivate when you follow these steps, it might be a sign of a more serious issue with the control panel, requiring professional attention.

Why is my Speed Queen washer not draining or spinning
Image from Speed Queen

Washer Door Lock Issues

The door of a front load washer must be locked for the machine to spin and begin a wash cycle. If your door isn’t closing fully the lock won’t activate and the washer won’t start. Also if this lock is broken, the washer won’t initiate a wash cycle or spin.

How to Fix it: If you suspect a broken door lock, listen for a “click” when closing the washer door. If the lock doesn’t make this sound, check it for visible damage or test it with a multimeter. If the lock components are damaged or show no continuity during testing, they must be replaced.

Load Imbalance

Why are clothes still wet after the spin cycle? An uneven or imbalanced load could be one of the leading reasons why your Samsung front-load washer isn’t spinning. If the load is unbalanced, your washer may spin unevenly and rock around to the point of stopping. This issue is often the simplest to fix and is a common cause of spinning problems in many models.

How to Fix it: Try redistributing the clothes within the drum to balance the weight. If you’re washing a heavy item alone, consider adding a few towels to even out the load. This strategy can improve the washer’s balance and potentially resolve the spinning issue. Also, make sure not to overload the washer as this can cause problems with the spin cycle as well.

Drain Pump Filter or Hose Blockage

Blockages in the filter or hose of your drain pump can prevent the washer from draining water effectively, thereby causing the spin cycle to stop. If your speed queen washer won’t drain and your washer is smelling bad this could be the problem.

How to Fix it: Regularly check and clean the washer’s drain pump filter to prevent blockages that could disrupt the spin cycle. If you suspect a blocked drain hose, consider contacting a professional to avoid causing water damage to your home or washer.

Speed Queen washer won't spin

Washer Spin Cycle Not Working: Damaged Drive Belt

What would cause a washer to wash but not spin? The drive belt, which enables the drum to spin via power from the motor, can become damaged or loosened, causing erratic or no spinning. Think of the drive belt as the unsung hero of your washing machine. It’s the one doing the heavy lifting, making the drum spin. Over time it can become old and worn out. This might cause your washer to stop spinning correctly or altogether.

How to Fix it: Check the drive belt at the back of your machine. If it looks loose, stretched out, or has visible damage like cracks or tears, it’s time for a replacement. You can replace the belt following your Speed Queen manual’s instructions, or call a professional. A new drive belt should get your washer back up and spinning again.

Unstable Washing Machine

What causes washing machines to stop spinning? If your washing machine isn’t sitting evenly on the floor, it could hamper the spin cycle’s proper functioning, leading to excessive vibrations and noise during operation and causing issues with your washer spin cycle not working.

How to Fix it: Use a carpenter’s level to check if your washer is balanced. If it’s not, adjust the leveling legs. You can do this by loosening the lock nuts on each leg and raising or lowering it until all four are resting evenly on the floor.

Malfunctioning Lid Switch Assembly

A faulty lid switch assembly can be another common reason your Speed Queen washer won’t spin. This safety feature can sometimes malfunction, causing spin issues even when the door is properly closed.

How to Fix it: To ascertain if your lid switch is faulty, testing with a multimeter for continuity may be necessary. If it proves faulty, replacing it will be necessary to restore your washer’s spin function.

Defective Motor Coupling

The motor coupling links the washer’s motor and transmission. Over time, this part can wear out, leaving you with a Speed Queen washer not spinning properly, especially if the machine is consistently overloaded.

How to Fix it: Regular inspection of the motor coupling for wear or damage is essential. If it is found to be defective, it will need to be replaced.

These are a few common issues that can explain why you have a Speed Queen washer not spinning. However, if you’ve tried these solutions and your washer is still not spinning, it’s time to bring in the experts at The Appliance Care Company for professional washing machine repair. Our experienced technicians can diagnose and fix the problem efficiently and effectively.

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