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how to recycle home appliances

How to Recycle Home Appliances With The Environment In Mind

You’re eco-conscious and green-minded. You want to recycle and reuse materials from your old appliances. Wondering how to recycle home appliances? You will make a difference by recycling appliances such as your old 150-pound refrigerator and 90-pound stove. The same goes for all of your other appliances. Looking for free appliance recycling near me?

Being eco-conscious, you want to do this using EPA Approved Recycling Processes. As a whole, Americans only recycle about 34.3% of what we consume. That’s out of about 254 million tons of waste each year.

How to Recycle Home Appliances:

Wondering how to recycle home appliances or where can I dispose of old appliances? It may feel complicated. You can’t haul your old refrigerator to the curb with empty milk jugs. Even if you could, you first have to secure the fridge door properly so kids don’t accidentally get caught inside. Wondering where to recycle appliances? Proper recycling processes are important to you. Ensure your old appliance is recycled according to EPA guidelines.

Recycling Appliances Can be RAD

The EPA runs a program called Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD). The program is forward-looking but needs you to do your part. You’ll feel good knowing you’ve followed the best practices for recycling appliances. So how to recycle home appliances properly?

These are important practices to protect our land, waters, climate, and ozone. Practices going beyond current federal requirements.

Don’t simply crush old appliances because this releases ozone-damaging substances. Old appliances also contain used oils and mercury that hurt all living things. These cause damage to the liver, brain, and immune system. Our reproductive systems and nervous systems are also at risk. Don’t overlook the PCBs that cause cancer. 

It just makes healthy sense to recycle appliances. It recovers materials, stops waste, and doesn’t pollute. People like you already know we care at The Appliance Care Company!

how to recycle appliances

What Recycling Does for You

(Properly disposing of used appliances also benefits our community)

It’s estimated that recycling 1,000 refrigerators alone saves $827,390 in costs. You’re not personally getting all of that money. But it’s very important because you are contributing money savings. And to your community well being. Your personal reward is about $55 a year in energy costs. That’s based on recycling a 20-year-old fridge.

In fact, the RAD program wants you to recycle rather than sell old appliances. Old appliances have such harmful materials that it’s best to recycle them. Don’t even give them away. Or pack them in a garage where they might not be recycled correctly. Follow the proper procedure for how to recycle home appliances.

Maintaining Could Be Better Than Recycling Appliances

If your appliance is 20 years old or more, it’s certainly time to recycle it into an energy-saving model. If it’s not that old – you can still do better. Consider the Total Appliance ProtectionPackage (TAPP).

You’ll be sure your older and newer appliances are in good working order. We service all brands and all appliances. 

  • Refrigerators 
  • Clothes Washers
  • Clothes Dryers
  • Stoves 
  • Microwaves 
  • Deep Freezers 
  • Dishwashers 
  • Cooktops 
  • Wall Ovens 
  • Built-In Appliances 
  • High-End Appliances 
  • Stand Alone Ice Machines 

Keep your refrigerator in top working order and save energy. TAPP offers an annual check of condenser coils with cleaning if needed. You’ll also save energy from an annual dryer duct inspection with cleaning as needed.

TAPP pays 100% of repair costs – parts and labor. There is no service call deductible. You’ll always know your needs are fully met by “Certified Master Appliance Technicians.” Techs are approved by the Professional Service Association. Please join us as part of the RAD Solution. For any questions regarding the TAPP program or if you’d like to schedule an appointment, give us a call: 816.331.1515 or 913.327.1515.

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