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Oven Isn’t Heating Up? This May Be Why…

oven isn't heating

Oven isn’t heating up properly? There are a variety of reasons that an oven won’t heat up. It might be the thermometer, the heating element, the wiring, or more.

The easiest way to fix an oven is to schedule an appliance repair. We’ve often got the right tools and expertise to get you back up and running in a single trip.

Troubleshooting: Oven Isn’t Heating Up Properly

If your oven isn’t heating properly, you may be tempted to try a DIY oven repair. Make sure things are cool! It’s a more complicated appliance to DIY. Consider troubleshooting oven not heating instead. If your oven starts to heat up but just won’t get hot enough, or if your oven is not heating at all, the heating element might be old and faulty, or the gas burner might be clogged. You may need a new one. But before you invest in a new heating element, you might want to check on the temperature sensor or door.

Check the Temperature Sensor

If the temperature sensor gets jolted around a bit, it might touch the wall of the oven. This will make it register with a higher temperature than your food will feel. Additionally, if the sensor is broken, the oven might not heat up all the way. Oven isn’t heating properly? This may be the culprit.

If the sensor appears fine, the dial might be the issue. Try turning the temperature dial on the outside up to higher temperatures. You can put a thermometer inside to check the temperature. If things are off by some number of degrees, you can always adjust the default position of the external dial. Calibrating your oven is actually a fairly simple process!

oven not heating up

Is the Oven Door Shut?

Another reason an oven isn’t heating up could be the door. Preheating is super important for baking, and the process can drag on if you don’t have a good seal. Sometimes the oven door won’t shut all the way, so it can take a long time to heat up. If your door won’t shut, you can try unscrewing it and pulling it out. 

Check the hinges and springs on the door. If any of them are broken, you can pull them off with screwdrivers or pliers.

If the door is not sitting right against the frame, the rubber or silicone around the frame might be old or out of place. Replacing this may help the door shut more snugly.

Oven Won’t Heat Up at All

Electric Oven Won’t Heat

If the electric oven won’t heat up, then you probably have a bad heating element. Heating elements are wiring inside the oven. You can always try removing the current element, cleaning it and cleaning the inside, and replacing it. Sometimes the connection gets dirty and messed up.

If cleaning the element doesn’t work, you’ll have to replace it. Some ovens have elements that are hidden in the oven instead of exposed. If this is the case, you might need a repair person to access it.

Gas Oven Won’t Heat Up

If you have a gas oven, the first thing to check is your gas burners. If the burners work fine, good news, the problem is not with the gas line. If the burners have stopped working as well, the gas line will probably need professional repair.

If the burners still work, the problem is probably the igniter in your gas oven. Make sure the oven is off and cool. The igniter can usually be accessed from the storage drawer or broiler. You might be able to replace it yourself with a screwdriver.

Oven Repair

If you need help fixing an oven not getting hot, check with our oven repair specialists. We’re also happy to help in cases where you started to try to repair the oven yourself and ran into difficulties! Let us know how we can help.

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