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washer not spinning

How to Troubleshoot a Washer Not Spinning

Your poor dryer isn’t built to take clothes from soaking wet to bone dry. And if the clothes go into the dryer soaking wet, they can fail to dry and gain a musty smell. If clothes stop spinning properly, they will require a lot of heat to dry and can shrink more. Is your washer not spinning? You’ll need to learn how to fix a washing machine that won’t spin.

How to Troubleshoot a Washer Not Spinning

In this post, we’ll look at some tricks and tips on how to fix the problem of a washer not spinning. If you can’t fix it yourself, call in the professionals who can help you fix your machine.

Stabilize the Machine

Many washing machines don’t spin properly if the clothing is stuck to one side of the machine. Be careful when putting clothes into the washer. If you bunch the clothes up to one side, they won’t spin with much velocity. If this becomes a consistent problem, you may have to check your washer between rinse and spin cycles.

Additionally, if your machine is unstable on the ground, it can lose force when it spins. You’ll get a stronger, more even spin if the machine is stable. Check all the legs to make sure that weight is evenly distributed. That may be the only tip you need for how to fix a washing machine that won’t spin!

washer spin cycle not working

Power Source

Do you have a washer doesn’t spin problem? Your spin derives from an electric motor sitting in the machine. The washing machine must be plugged in for the spin cycle to work properly. Additionally, you shouldn’t be using an extension cord. Some extension cords aren’t built to deliver the amount of power that your machine needs.

Check the Safety Switch

Is your washer not spinning? If your machine spun with the lid open, it would cause a huge mess. That means that your machine might fill and wash with the lid open, but it won’t rinse or spin. Make sure the lid is properly closed for your machine to spin. 

If the lid seems securely closed, check the safety switch. Your machine knows not to spin with the lid open because of a switch that presses against the lid. If the switch becomes damaged, it might not let the spin cycle activate, causing a washer isn’t spinning issue. You may have to bend the switch back into place.

Check the Drain and Hose

Does it seem that your washer not spinning is the problem? Another possibility is that your washing machine is spinning, but isn’t properly draining. This would result in the clothes remaining soggy. Make sure the hose and drain are free of kinks and blockages.

Check the Motor and Drive Belt

Washer won’t spin clothes dry? A drive belt that is broken or slips off the pulley will prevent your machine from spinning. Check the connection from the motor to the drive belt to the drum. This could be the issue if you hear the sound of the spin cycle motor, but the drum isn’t spinning. Consult your machine’s handbook for the locations of the motor, pulley, and drive belt.

You should have a better idea of how to fix a washing machine that won’t spin!

Appliance Repair

If all those tactics don’t work, you should call in professional repair services for a washer spin cycle not working. Purchasing a new washing machine is expensive. A washing machine that won’t spin often carries an easy, cheap fix. Plus, with our washing machine repair services, we carry many of the tools and parts we need. We might be able to fix your machine in a single, quick visit.

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